FFA BHM Stories
by Ashblonde

About me, this, ours...

I started writing these stories several years ago... I had long looked for something I couldn't ever find at Amazon or Barnes & Noble; something that appealed to ME, and not what pandered to the masses. Even if one could find romance fodder that had a shred of fat in it, or stories of large men as semi-hero types, the themes were still about achieving a traditionally 'hard' body, or accepting one's lot and making the best of it.  But no,  I wanted desire, pleasure and preference for lovely big men. So I took a chance and began writing for myself. It turned out that there were a few others who, like me, were looking for something a little different in the romance category. Through both positive feedback and watching other writers like me explore this ‘FFA thing’ more deeply, I was inspired to keep on writing.

Looking back on my work, the early pieces reflect my youth and inexperience, but I'm okay with that; we're all the sum of our years, and that's shown in these little written bits over time.  I have definite tendencies in my style and subject matter, but I can only feel motivated to write what comes through me, what turns me on, and bits and pieces of my own life are seeded across several of them.



© 2016 Ashblonde / Ashley B