Dr. Edwards, FFA
by Ashblonde

April Edwards weathered the rigors of her first year residency program at a Brooklyn hospital and was delighted to begin an orthopedic medicine residency with a well-respected doctor in Salt Lake City. It was a change of pace from her native New York but an opportunity she couldn't refuse. April was a Division I NCAA athlete in swimming and tennis and had long been interested in pursuing sports medicine.

About two months into her program, she was assigned a new patient to see; Trevor Jonsson. He was young, only 22 years old, but had been a pre-Olympic skier that sustained a major knee injury during a qualifying competition four months earlier. Just days after the accident he underwent a major surgery. He was transitioning from a post-surgical rehabilitation to an athletic recovery focus.

She read through his history and saw that he had been putting on quite a few pounds since the surgery. At the time of the accident he was 6'1" and 195 with very low body fat. In those four short months he had climbed up to 217. She knew as a doctor concerned with her patient's ability to get back into his sport, that that kind of gain was not going to help him reach his goal to return to training.

Yet April had always had secret fantasies about boys gaining weight and getting fat. She remembered her first crush in junior high was on a chubby boy called Nate, but she never told anyone about it. She had always been one of those beautiful and athletic girls, and had always been around good-looking athletic guys. She simply ended up dating only that type, while continually trying to repress her true desires. The idea of wanting to see guys gain weight seemed wrong and against everything she felt was medically correct.

With repressed feelings of excitement and curiosity about her new patients weight gain, she entered the examining room. Trevor was sitting patiently with his crutches propped on the table beside him. "So you’re Doctor Edwards?" he smiled.

"Yes," April said, "nice to meet you Trevor." She shook his hand. No one had warned her how incredible looking he was. His face was chiseled to perfection like a J. Crew model with sandy blonde hair and steel gray eyes. Yet she could see he wasn't in Olympic shape anymore. Despite his loose fitting shirt, she noted the hint of softness around his waist. And despite her best intentions for his fitness, the visual made her feel all the more attracted to him.

April asked him to sit on the examination table so she could get a better look at his knee. "Your scars are healing really well," she looked up at him and smiled. "And your range of motion is quite good this early in the game." She could not help but notice his long legs had retained much of their pre-injury muscle. Her desire for him was starting to push to the surface, but she forced herself to stay professional.

They discussed his accident in detail, and she reviewed his recent x-rays with him. She explained the seriousness of his injury and the realistic odds for his program. "I know that you've been told that your knee may never be able to withstand the rigors of intense competition. And the important word there is 'may.' That is not to one hundred percent certainty, but the likelihood is pretty strong. So we need to talk about your goals for rehabilitation. Have you thought about the possibility that you may have to give up high-end competition?"

Trevor grinned, "Well actually, I kind of have been enjoying the time away from it. I mean I can actually focus on school. I am really starting to enjoy my Biology classes. I've always wanted to be a Veterinarian but skiing was my total focus. Now my coach and my parents are starting to pressure me to spend all of my time on rehabbing this knee."

"Trevor, you are the patient AND you are an adult. Now, I'm not going to tell you not to listen to your coach and your parents. They usually have a lot of wisdom and they want what they think is best for you. Their hearts are in the right place. But you have to make your own decisions. So think about what you think might make YOU happy, not just today or next week, but five or ten years from now. Your approach to rehabilitation can affect your future."

"I do want to get back into shape I guess, I've really gained a lot of weight," he gave her an embarrassed smile.

"Yes," April smiled, "I did notice...well, doctors are supposed to notice those things... But you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. You've been through a major life change and some weight gain is very normal."

"Thanks, I was worried you might lecture me. My last physical therapist was really hard on me about it."

"Nope, that's not my bedside manner," she grinned. "But I can advise you on some non-impact aerobic exercise and if you want to see a nutritionist, I can refer you. It's entirely up to you."

"Well, my eating habits haven't changed really, it's just that I always burned off everything I ate. Now, I'm still as hungry but I'm not training three hours a day anymore," he shrugged his shoulders.

"Like I said, that's very common with injured athletes, you become accustomed to eating quite a bit and the injury throws everything out of whack. Maybe you just need to pay more attention to what it is you're eating. Like instead of a greasy burger, eat a turkey sandwich. Or replace the fries with a big salad. Less soda, more water."

"Yeah, I know, I just like food so much," he said.

"It's okay," she winked, "we all do."

April walked with Trevor on his crutches to the Physical Therapy offices and introduced him to the staff. "You'll get to know these people very well over the next several months," she joked.

"Will I still come to see you, Dr. Edwards?" Trevor asked April.

"Of course you will Trevor, in fact I may come and check up on you to make sure you're showing up for your therapy," she teased him. "But in the meantime, let's make an appointment in say, two weeks? And here's my card in case you have any questions or you need to talk about how things are going. I'm always available, okay?"

"Thanks so much, Dr. Edwards," Trevor smiled and hobbled out of April's office.


The next week April saw Trevor in the clinic lobby. "Hi Trevor! How are you doing today?"

"Oh, I'm fine Dr. Edwards," he smiled. "Just going in for my daily PT."

"Great, I understand you're starting off well, keep it up!"

Over the following days April couldn't stop thinking about Trevor. She was of course, very attracted to him, but she was concerned about his confusion and ambivalence toward returning to skiing. She wanted to make sure she there was enough trust between them so that he felt comfortable talking about his rehab with an unbiased person.

She made her way over to the Physical Therapy offices shortly before their next appointment.

"So, how's my favorite skier doing?" she laughed.

"Oh, Hi Dr. Edwards, I'm great," he smiled, his chin looking slightly chubbier.

"Wonderful," she said. Turning to his PT, she asked, "Is he behaving himself for you guys?"

"Oh, yeah, Trevor's been a sweetheart," she smiled.

Another PT named Joe came over to Dr. Edwards and asked to talk to her in his office.

"Doctor, Trevor is doing okay, I guess, but his weight continues to increase. He's gained eight pounds just in the last two weeks." His words gave April a surge of excitement up her spine. "He's never going to get back to competing at this rate."

"Well, first of all, I really don't want any of you or anyone here lecturing him about it. That's the worst thing you can do to his morale. I've discussed his weight with him and he is quite aware of it. But the issue stays between Doctor and Patient, okay? I know you're concerned and I appreciate you talking to me. I'd like to keep our communication open, but he needs a supportive environment here so let's keep this topic behind closed doors."

"Okay, Dr. Edwards, I understand, "Joe accepted.

April walked back to visit with Trevor. "So you're coming to see me tomorrow?"

"Yep, wouldn't miss it for the world, Trevor laughed.

"Great, see you then."


Trevor arrived for his appointment right on time. "So, let's talk about the Physical Therapy first," April started. "How are things going?"

"Okay, I guess," Trevor answered.

"Do you feel you're getting something out of it? Is it moving to slow? Too fast?"

"Naw, it's just fine, they're the experts I guess," Trevor answered.

"I have to say you don't seem very enthusiastic about it, is something on your mind?" April probed.

"It's just that they keep taking about how I'm going to be a big time skier again, and I don't think that's what I want in my life anymore. I'm really starting to enjoy the extra hours I have to work on school, monkey around with my car, and sometimes just relaxing, you know? Like I feel like I'm becoming a whole person away from being just the 'skiing wonder boy.' Or am I just being lazy like my coach says."

"I don't think you’re the lazy type, Trevor. Anyone that made it to Olympic trials is not the lazy type. You're just seeing new avenues in your life opening up. I think concentrating your efforts on school is very healthy and productive. Having hobbies is a positive thing. Now if you're spending hours in front of the TV or playing video games…"

"Naw, that's not me. I just don't want to feel bad about having a life of my own… And I really don’t feel like I have to be the best in the world at skiing. Is there something wrong with that? I mean I sometimes wonder if I ever really wanted it," Trevor shrugged his shoulders.

"There's no easy answers, you know that. If the answers were easy life would boring, right? It's okay to have some confusion about your future. You've been dealt a tough situation so don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders."

"No, just around my gut," Trevor chided himself. "I'm still getting fatter... I'm up to 225 now."

"You know, we talked about that. You can always get healthier with some help from a Nutritionist and special exercises," April reminded him. "But I don't want your self-image to suffer. Your weight is not important compared to your overall health."

"You know, the thing is, I don't really care about being 'healthier,' I'm just sick of people telling me I'm getting fat. My girlfriend isn't happy about it either."

"I'm sorry to hear that the people around you aren't more supportive of what you're going through," April sighed. "But your health is far more important than your appearance. I'd really like you to consider it a priority over looks."

"Looks matter to my girlfriend… Becky… she told me I'm not the buff stud I used to be... she's losing interest," he almost whispered. "And I think it's about over between us. And that's just adding to my stress over the weight and rehab."

"Maybe I'm talking out of turn, I mean, I am your doctor, but there's nothing wrong with your appearance," April smiled. "This is really not my forte, I mean, maybe you need to talk to a counselor about all these complicated feelings you're having. I'm only licensed to help you fix your knee problems, not problems of the heart."

"It's just that, Dr. Edwards, you're so easy to talk to, I mean I feel like you're more than my Doctor, you know?"

"That's really nice of you to say, Trevor, I appreciate that I can help you get through this," April smiled.


The months of rehab passed and Trevor's weight gain continued upward, albeit more slowly, hovering in the high 230s by springtime. His belly was quite obvious and his butt started to jiggle a little when he walked. She would visit him during his physical therapy sessions and note the softness forming around his arm and leg muscles, or the crease of his belly roll when he was on the exercise bike.

April was more attracted to him than ever; and she could sense that Trevor had similar feelings for her. She was coming to terms with the fact that she was intensely attracted to his extra chubbiness. But she had to continue keep her distance considering their doctor-patient relationship.

Fortunately, his parents' dissatisfaction in his choice to not return to competitive skiing seemed to be disappearing seeing that his educational success was getting visibility. He was making straight A's and looking at a fellowship award in a veterinary science graduate program.

The day finally came when his therapy at the Clinic was complete and he met with April for the last time. "You've really come a long way, Trevor," April shook his hand.

"I'm really going to miss you Dr. Edwards," he sighed.

"You know, Trevor, you don't have to call me Dr. Edwards anymore, you can call me April," she smiled.

"I really like that name, April," Trevor admitted.

"Thank you," April suddenly became self-conscious.

"So you think we could continue to be friends?" Trevor asked.

"We've always been friends, you know Trevor," April smiled.


Several weeks passed with no word from Trevor. April often thought about him but she was nervous about getting in touch with him. He was five years younger, she reasoned, and my former patient. It just wouldn't look right.

At the height of summer, April was at a concert festival with some friends when she heard her name called, "Dr. Edwards! April!" she recognized the voice and turned around to see Trevor, smiling, with an even bigger body than when he last left the clinic.

"Oh my gosh, Trevor," she hugged him, "it's so nice to see you," she beamed. He felt so nice against her.

"Wow, Dr... I mean, April, you look great," Trevor smiled.

"You look great too," and she meant it. He was really looking soft and round. She leaned and took a look at his knee, "Better every day, isn't it?" She also smiled, noticing his deepening belly button and softened chest showing though his clinging gray t-shirt.

They chatted for a little while. "Hey listen, I have to get back to my friends," April said, "but I'd really like to continue our conversation. If I give you my home number will you call me?"

"Oh, Yeah, of course," Trevor was beaming now.


The next evening Trevor called and left a message on her machine. She returned his call the following evening and they agreed to meet for dinner that weekend.

They met at the new Spanish restaurant in town called Sabor. As they looked at the menu, he said, "you know I've really been trying to make healthier choices, but it seems I just eat so much that it doesn't matter how healthy my choices are," he gave an embarrassed laugh. "I've put on so much weight since the injury, it's not even funny."

"You know Trevor, it is possible for heavier people to be very healthy," April told him. "I'm starting to get away from my athletics specialty. I've been doing more research into the concept of being healthy and fit at any weight. I think the heavier athlete needs more attention in sports medicine."

"Wow, that's so cool. So I guess I'm a heavier athlete now. I've been working out more again, but mostly muscle building, not so much fat burning," he laughed.

They continued to banter like old times and at the end of the evening he walked her to her car. "So um, well, it would be nice to see you again..." Trevor trailed off.

"I was hoping you would say that Trevor," April smiled and inched closer to him. "Do you think I could kiss you?" she asked.

His face reddened, "yeah," he smiled wide.

She put her arms up on his shoulders and he leaned into her body for a long kiss. She could feel his belly press against her chest and felt an amazing tingle run throughout her body. "Wow," she whispered. "You have no idea how long I wanted to do that."

"Really? I mean I've wanted to kiss you from the moment I came into your office the first time," he blushed. "I never thought you felt the same way. Before the injury, when I was Mr. Olympiad, I was so cocky I probably would have hit on you right then and there, but now..."

April stopped him, "Now... you are probably an even more interesting person," she paused and smiled, "and you're definitely a sexier person. I think that the injury actually had some positive affect in your life," she ran her hand along his bulging love handles.

"You've had a positive effect in my life," Trevor murmured, and gave April another adoring kiss.


One year later:

April is with Trevor having his tuxedo fit for the wedding.

"Oh, Trevor, you look so hot in this tux! Can I tell you how proud I am to be your future wife?" She beamed, straightening his coat. "Just make sure you tell the tailor to leave enough room here," inserting her slender finger into his waistband, with a gentle tug that made his belly jiggle. "I want my husband to be comfortable on his wedding day."

"As long as I have you with me, I know I'll always feel comfortable," Trevor smiled and kissed his bride-to-be.

She touched his manhood and whispered in his ear, "and I will always be more than satisfied."


© 2015 Ashblonde / Ashley B