Ode To A Colleague
by Ashblonde

I barge into the conference room
Last on arrival
Traffic again, but this time the unfamiliar variety
New roads, new building, new faces
No, same old faces
The sycophants round the cauldron
Lean and mean
Dressed to impress, themselves

“Glad to be here”
I lie
Then my eyes hit a wall
A Big, Fat, Wall
He’s not one of them
But I must seem like them
God, don’t I ever…
Please don’t think I’m one of them

He stands up
My body freezes
My blood is carbonating
His mass stuns me
He struts around the room
Words, amazing words from his lips
He’s a force, a brain
Hungry, yet so well fed
Hard-nosed, yet soft chinned
A Man among boys
A King among slaves

His button down shirt is transformed into a tunic
Gushing over strained cincture
Substantial limbs
Florescent lighting glints a halo over his black gelled hair
Jiggling as he cuts a line in the mohawk carpet
Wasn’t Zeus hefty too?
Or was that Dionysus?
I plead temporary drunkenness

He shifts in his chair, another quiver
Can they see my pink face?
Did he just catch me staring?
Can he sense the control he has over my autonomic function?
I scream out inside
If only, for a moment, a split second, I could have access
Would he like the extra consideration to his extra-extra large?

We shake hands
“Nice to meet you”
Poker faces
Only the heat of my hand can expose me now
I’m just a nymph in Cynthia Rowley
A muted siren
Lying at the feet of Odysseus
Yes, Odysseus, that must be who he is

“Flight attendants prepare for landing”
Echos in my head for the fifth time in two days
My eyes close
His fat fingers unbutton my silk blouse
I grab his flesh
So much to hold
So much to hang on to
He presses against me
I’m lost
The wheels hit the runway


© 2015 Ashblonde / Ashley B