Rochelle and Brad: A Short Story
by Ashblonde

The warm spring weather compelled Rochelle to return again to SportShack, the local sporting goods store. She was in the market for a new pair of inline skates, Salomons she had been drooling over for months.

As she reached up to a higher shelf to pull down the heavy black and silver box, she felt a soft, warm touch on her back. "Let me help you with that," she heard a stranger say over her shoulder. She caught a glance of a large hand and turned around to see the best looking guy she had seen in a long time. He wasn't either tall or short, maybe five foot ten, with dark brown hair and gorgeous chocolate eyes. His facial features were delicate yet masculine, like a certain British actor but she couldn't think of his name.

Yet he was thicker. Quite think in fact. His broad shoulders gave way to a wide frame and a lusciously noticeable mound of flab on his belly. That was the soft warm belly that brushed her back helping her reach those skates. His thick legs were proportional to his body, giving him that sexy fat linebacker look that Rochelle found very exciting. She guessed his weight to be around the 230s, or maybe even a bit more than that.

Rochelle liked flab. She was always interested in heavy people, even from childhood. She had distinct memories from grade school being fascinated with her friend Pam's exceedingly plump belly when they played with Rochelle's Barbie dolls. She catalogued innumerable memories from high school of fat friends and strangers. So many sexy memories: Like the boy named Chris at her school that gained weight very rapidly. Chris' older athletic brother Jeff told Rochelle it was because he sat down to a whole pizza every day after school. Rochelle could still picture that yellow button down shirt Chris wore that went from loose to very tight in a matter of weeks.

She remembered the plump guy she met at the mall named Joe, who was always rubbing his rounded belly. Or the cute farm boy she saw with a plateful of buttered sweet corn resting on his round belly at the county fair one summer. And then there was Todd, a friend of her brothers who would take his shirt off out on their boat and reveal a lusciously soft and jiggling belly with exceptionally flabby love handles. These memories permeated her thoughts and sometimes her fantasies.

Currently she had a mental list of chubby to very fat people that she looked for and enjoyed watching every day: Jack, the very tubby guy in her English Lit class who always wore a baseball hat to class; the plump girl working at the student union cafe who's button down shirt was very tight around her belly rolls; and Scott, the shy and mildly hefty boy who worked with her at Old Navy.

Yet the irony was that she had been losing weight herself since entering college. Now close to finishing her junior year, she weighed about 30 pounds less than she did at her high school prom. She was never a very big girl, just somewhat plump at a size 13/14. She hadn't tried really hard to lose weight, it just very gradually came off as she became more active. Her current size 6/8 belied the fact that her body had not that long ago been a bit more like those other bodies she admired so much.

"Did you want to try these on?" the thick boy smiled, showing a mildly chubby chin.

"Uh, yeah, I mean, I have tried them on already before," Rochelle stammered, "but I'm thinking about buying them today." She couldn't take her eyes away from his. Well, she did long enough to see "Brad" on his name tag.

"Well, these are a nice pair of skates. In fact, I have last year's model and I love mine," Brad said.

"You skate?" Rochelle happily imagined this big Brad boy on skates.

"Yeah, when I get the time away from school and work," Brad sighed.

"I know what you mean," Rochelle laughed.

They paused conversation for a few moments in awkward silence. Suddenly another customer came by and asked for Brad's help with some camping equipment. Rochelle tried to linger but she had to get to work so she went up to the register to buy the skates. She glanced a few more times in Brad's direction, catching his eyes a few times. She also caught him checking out her body.

After buying the skates she glanced back at him, he at her, and then she walked out the door. As she drove away she wondered if she would ever see this perfectly chubby Brad again.


A week passed, Rochelle hadn't been able to keep Brad out of her mind. Every time she put on her skates she obsessed about him. Finally she went back to the SportShack under the guise of looking for special sport socks, but Brad wasn't there. After another week she went back again; still no Brad. Rochelle gave up on ever seeing him again.

Several more weeks passed and Rochelle started putting in long summer hours at Old Navy. A few days after the July 4 holiday weekend, she was working in the fitting room area, busy assembling a pile of jeans left by a frazzled mother whose hellion children left devastation in their path. Rochelle turned around to help the next customer, and there stood Brad, looking much more tan and lean than the last time she saw him.

"Ohmigosh! Hi! Um… Brad is it?" Rochelle pretended she didn't have his name tattooed on her brain.

"Wow, I can't believe you remembered me!" He said, "Rochelle," looking at her name tag and smiling. "You still like your skates?"

"Yeah, they've been awesome to me so far," she laughed. "How's your summer going? Are you getting a chance to skate?" she asked

"Once in a while. I've been doing landscaping work this summer so I don't get too many daylight hours for it," he said.

"Do you like the work though?" Rochelle asked, trying to focus on the conversation and not lose awareness into his beautiful dark eyes.

"Yeah, it keeps me active, I've been able to drop some weight, so that's good," Brad smiled, patting his far too reduced midsection.

"Oh," Rochelle responded, blushing and not knowing what to say. She never knew what to say to people who lost weight. "Good going," or "you look great," always felt so dishonest.

"So you need to try those on?"


"Okay, go ahead into room 8." She mourned the loss of his sexy love handles and thicker thighs as he walked toward the room. A pang of regret washed over her that she hadn't tracked him down and asked him out before he had the chance to slim down so much.

Brad emerged from the room a few minutes later with his handful of jeans and shirts. "Do you need me to take some of those?" Rochelle asked.

"Yeah, I guess I'm thinner than I thought I was; I need to get some smaller sizes," he laughed.

Rochelle didn't laugh back, but she smiled, "Okay, I can take those from you," pointing at the clothes in his arms. "I'll be back here when you're ready."

She sorted through his clothes. Among the sizes he had picked out were 36s, 38s and XLs. And he's smaller than that? Rochelle thought. Still, while she was disappointed he had gotten so slight, she was still incredibly attracted to him and his gorgeous brown eyes. And she did notice his butt was still kind of round and squeezable at least.

Brad came back with a new set of clothes and tried them on. After emerging from the fitting rooms he gave Rochelle back his fitting room number tag and blurted, "So, you think I could have your number so I could ask you out sometime?"

Rochelle was beaming, "yeah, sure!" She grabbed a blank slip of paper and wrote her number down and handed it to him.

"Thanks," he blushed, "maybe I'll call this weekend?"


Brad did call that weekend. They set up a standard first date of dinner and a movie. She gave him directions to the place she was subletting with friends for the summer.

Rochelle went out of her way to look nice for their first date. She wore her long chestnut hair loose and slightly curled, her makeup subtle and she sprung for a new knee length casual summer dress with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline. When Brad came to pick her up, one of her roommates whispered in her ear, "You two are like the beautiful couple…"

They decided to do dinner first, agreeing on the new pub style restaurant in town. Rochelle ordered a veggie burger with fries, not wanting to look too calorie-conscious yet still seem healthy. She was pleasantly surprised and excited by Brad's menu choices. He ordered deep fried mozzarella sticks as an appetizer, and a big cheeseburger with seasoned fries for dinner.

As Brad devoured his food, he said, "I've always had a big appetite but the only time I can really get away with it is when I do a lot of physical work like this summer. I should probably learn to eat healthier if I want to keep the weight off in the fall."

Rochelle nodded, again, not knowing what to say. He seemed very proud of his weight loss so she didn't want to tell him she thought he looked good as a much fatter boy.

The conversation changed and continued to flow easily. They had a great time throughout dinner. After the movie, they decided to go for an evening walk along the river in town. Brad took her hand while they walked and they stopped to sit for a while.

Brad looked her in the eyes and quietly spoke, "I'm really having fun with you, Rochelle, and… you're so beautiful…"

Rochelle caught his gaze and he leaned in to give her a kiss. She knew this was the beginning of something nice. Somewhere deep down she was disappointed he had lost so much weight, but she was still very attracted to him and his wonderful personality.


Brad and Rochelle began seeing each other regularly. Before they knew it, summer was ending and they were about to commence their respectively hectic school schedules. Brad was going to be starting grad school at a large public university just a few miles away from Rochelle's smaller private school.

When his job in landscaping ended and classes started, Rochelle became very anxious for what might happen to Brad's body. She could see his eating habits were not changing yet time that had been spent on hard physical activity had immediately become time spent on sedentary activities like reading, researching and on teaching assistant activities.

And Rochelle's patience and verbal dismissals of his dietary concerns paid off. By October, Brad had a noticeable roll of fat hanging around his middle. Rochelle said nothing other than the occasional, "go ahead and order what you'd like to eat," and, "there's no sense in spending good money on food you don't enjoy."

All the while she secretly delighted in how much more erotic lovemaking felt with his added jiggle. Brad could sense her unwavering attraction to him, yet he started to get very worried about his increasing weight. He yet again said something to Rochelle when they were out to dinner one night. "I really need to cut back on what I'm eating, I'm getting fat all over again."

Rochelle worried about saying the right thing. "Oh Brad, you look great, don't agonize so much about it."

So Brad ate another big meal and they returned to his place. Rochelle nuzzled up to Brad and started to kiss his cheek, running her fingers through his soft hair. He smiled and she saw that his chubby chin was coming back like when she first met him at SportShack. And some of his sexy belly was back too. Without thinking she reached over to massage it.

Just then Brad flinched and pulled away. "What's wrong?" Rochelle asked, guessing that the answer might have something to do with his weight gain.

"Uh, I just hate that I've put back on all this weight again," Brad muttered.

"Oh, Honey, I told you not to worry so much about it, I think you're just fine," Rochelle was trying to choose diplomatic words. She had never been able to talk about her preferences with anyone. She had dated a few other chubby guys, but one of them in particular, Aaron, was very heavy and very sensitive about his weight.

She met Aaron waitressing after her first year of college. He was the assistant chef and about to start culinary school in Italy. He was only eighteen, a full year younger than her, but he was already quite big for his age. Given his tall height, she had guessed his weight to be in the low 300s. As a chef, he knew good food and seemed to have eaten quite a lot of it to reach that size at such a tender age.

Of course Rochelle was very attracted to his adorable face and impressive roundness, but he was enormously ashamed of his size. She was afraid every time he made a self-deprecating comment about his bulk because she didn't know how to be completely honest about her preference, and his words made her fear pointing out his largeness as exciting to her.

It was rare that she could even get him to take his shirt off when they were in the heat of a make out session. But it didn't stop her from caressing him along his wide belly and massaging his full chest. Yet in general they never went farther than some heavy petting as they only dated for a couple of months. Aaron had to leave for school overseas the following fall. Nonetheless, that experience did not go far to help her learn how to communicate her desires for lots of padding on her boys.

Brad kept the subject going, "I just don't want to get fat again," he scowled. "You won't want to have to roll me around, will you?" he kind of half chuckled half smirked.

It was time to get honest and Rochelle knew it, for the sake of her desire and his peace of mind. "Brad, when I first saw you at SportShack I was very attracted to you and you were bigger than you are now," Rochelle smiled. "I really like it when boys have some extra size to them. Isn't that obvious yet to you?"

Brad was quiet for a moment. "You mean if I would have asked you out that day you came into SportShack you would have gone out with me?"

"Well, yes, Brad, yes! You never knew that?"

"No! I guess I assumed you weren't attracted to me until I lost weight," Brad shrugged his shoulders.

"Actually, Brad, no… I, um, well I even went back to the store looking for you, hoping I'd see you again," Rochelle blushed.

"You are kidding me! Man, if only I had known," Brad muttered.

"Well, you were working that day we first met and I didn't really have the opportunity to be forward," Rochelle explained.

"Well, I asked you out where you worked," Brad laughed.

"Yeah, I guess you're just less shy than me," Rochelle laughed too. "Seriously Brad, I really think some extra weight makes you look really sexy so you don't have to worry about what I think."

"And here I've been so worried you wouldn't be as into it in bed if I kept gaining weight," Brad frowned again.

"No, no no. I'm not sure how to say this, but it's getting even better now. Not that it was bad before, but, well, I don't know, just keep doing what you're doing," Rochelle giggled.

Brad smiled big with a look of lust in his eye and pressed his growing body against Rochelle. "Are you turned on right now?" he whispered.

"Mmmmm yes, Brad, I am," Rochelle moaned, climbing up on his lap and giving his growing tummy attention from her hands and eyes.

And with this new revelation their love grew stronger, Rochelle's lust grew greater and Brad's belly grew larger.


© 2015 Ashblonde / Ashley B