The Arch
by Ashblonde

I had few hours in between an early morning and afternoon training session at the downtown Radisson in St. Louis. I decided that since I hadn't been up in the Gateway Arch before, it seemed like the thing to do.

As I walked up to the line to purchase a ticket for the tram, I noticed a man in a suit, a family of tourists in front of me. I could only see him from behind but there was no doubt to me that he was a big boy. He was tall, maybe 6'2" or 6'3" with dark hair. His jacket hugged a nice roll on along his back and the pleat in the back spread open to reveal some of his very round behind.

After he purchased his ticket, I caught a glimpse of his profile and saw that his dark hair matched a tanned complexion and Roman nose. His cheek looked soft and chubby; if only I could have seen him face to face. My anxiety heightened when the family in front of me took their time deciding which package of tickets they wanted to buy.

Finally they cleared out and I quickly bought my ticket, walking quickly to the line up to get on board the tram to the top. I thought that if I moved quickly enough, I might catch another glance.

As I walked up to the line, a tour guide asked me how many were in my party, "Just me," I smiled.

"Please step down to row six, you can share a capsule with the gentleman down there," she smiled back. A capsule? That sounded scary.

As I walked down the line to row six, I realized the gentleman I would be sharing a "capsule" with was the big sexy guy I had been admiring back in the ticket line and my heart jumped in my throat. And then it started to pound. He was a great looking guy, maybe in his mid to late 20s with Mediterranean good looks and a lovely full middle. I guessed him to be nearly 300 pounds, but I was hoping that he would unbutton his coat and show me a little more detail to improve my estimate.

I walked up to him and explained, "They told me I'm with you in the capsule," with a big smile but no doubt my cheeks were pinker than pink. He just smiled and nodded. "Do you know what they mean by capsule?" I asked. Again, he said nothing and shrugged his wide shoulders.

We awkwardly stood together for a minute when I finally asked him, "Are you visiting on business too?" Again, he smiled and nodded. But I so wanted to hear his voice, so I pressed further. "Killing time before a meeting starts like I am?"

"Basically," he smiled. His voice was husky like the rest of his body. I stayed quiet for another minute. He didn't have a ring on his finger, or even a tan line where a ring might regularly sit, but he still wasn't very social with me either. Maybe he just wasn't interested in being friendly, or he wasn't interested in me? or gay? Or maybe he was very shy? I was hoping he was just shy? I can deal with shy.

We silently boarded our capsule and it was smaller than I expected. I snuck in first, with plenty of room given my small frame. Then my large travel partner squeezed his way in, spreading out as much as he could in the small compartment, and to my excitement he unbuttoned his coat. With a big sigh, his white shirted belly burst through and hung out, happily resting above his thick upper thighs. His tie seemed to point downward toward something I knew I wanted.

I averted my eyes before he could catch me coveting his gorgeous body, but he finally looked me in the eyes, sheepishly smiled and spoke, "I guess they don't make these for big people, do they?" he lightly laughed, with a hint of embarrassment in his voice. I was even more turned on.

"These don't seem comfortable for anyone," I laughed, hoping to make him more comfortable.

We were silent for about a minute as the capsule began it's climb, and then I spoke again, "How long are you in town?"

"Just for a couple of days, I'm leaving tonight," he responded. "You?"

"Same here, just tonight and tomorrow night," I smiled. "Where are you from?" I asked.

"Just outside of Pittsburgh, you?"

"Minneapolis area," I answered, glancing at his sexy round middle, becoming more excited by his girth. I noticed him looking at my legs and then caught him eying my breasts. My excitement became pure arousal.

Suddenly we were at the top and I exited the capsule to view the arch. As I walked up the final steps, I knew he was behind me, so I subtly slowed a bit to give him a longer view of my behind, hoping he would enjoy it. I was wearing a pale lavender suit that hugged my smallish waist and accentuated my round rear.

As we looked out over the city, we exchanged occasional glances and smiles. He was really a beautiful man. I deliciously imagined he was one of those suave ripped guys in high school who became shockingly fat during college. Or maybe he was already adorably fat through adolescence and all the diets in the world just never worked. Either way I was captivated by the results.

Again, we boarded the capsule and chatted on the ride down, the sexual tension rising with each passing second. Finally we reached the bottom and exited the capsule. He asked me, "Do you still have time to kill? Would you like to get some coffee or something?" and I smiled, knowing I could skip the afternoon session without notice.

"I've got a suite at the Radisson if you'd like to have lunch there," I blurted.

He agreed and we walked to the hotel. I continued walking past the lobby restaurant but he paused, "do you mean here?" pointing at the cafe.

"No," I smiled, "there's plenty of room in my suite," He seemed a bit surprised, yet followed me to the elevator and we rode up to the 12th floor and I led him to my room.

Before he could say anything, I grabbed the room service menu and ordered us a big, rich lunch and opened up the bottle of red wine that was included with the suite.

After moving my laptop and papers away from the table in the sitting room, I sat down near him. We sipped the wine, and he opened up a little, not quite as shy as he had seemed at first. We chatted about our respective business trips and the weather. Simple topics. I started to move closer to him, mesmerized by his full pouty lips and gorgeous eyes. His commanding size drew me in.

Just then, the knock came at the door. Room service. We started to eat and once again, I found myself increasingly aroused by how much and how quickly he ate. He certainly didn't get to his size by eating like a bird, I mused to myself. How sexy he was, enjoying his meal and licking those lips.

"This is a much better lunch than I thought I would have," he chuckled.

 "Better than McDonalds?" I laughed.

"Yep," he smiled back, "a LOT better."

He finished his lunch and leaned back, "This is my problem, I travel so much and get to try so many good foods, it makes it difficult to lose weight."

"You don't need to worry about that," I smiled and stood up, moving over to the sofa. "Come over and sit next to me," I patted the space for him to put himself. He did as I asked, heaving himself into the cushion next to me.

"I bet you'd be more comfortable without your coat and tie," I offered. Again, he did as I suggested, loosening his tie, removing it, and taking off his sport coat.

He leaned back again, his button-down shirt showing a little more button strain from his big lunch.

I looked at him and reached in for the kiss.

He kissed back.

I pulled back and smiled. "You're a very attractive man," I murmured, gazing into his eyes, then casting my gaze downward over his body.

He looked down at his own body, and back up at me. I started to unbutton his shirt, one by one, getting closer to the widest part of his girth, my fingers dancing down his chest, then up over his belly, and back down to his pants line.

I tugged his shirt out from it's tight tuck in his pants revealing the detail of his belly button and soft chest mounds encased in a too-tight under shirt. As I kissed him more, my fingers traced around his tummy, down to his pants. I boldly pulled the undershirt up, creating a wave of jiggle that sent throbs rushing between my legs. His gut settled there in front of him in glorious fashion with sexy love handle indentations on the sides supporting a soft yet buoyant shape. I stopped and looked at him. He seemed half afraid and half excited.

"Your body is incredible," I whispered. "I'd love you on top of me…" my whisper trailed off. He still said nothing, looking almost like a deer in headlights. But the bulge in his pants indicated he liked the way things were going.

I stood up to strip for him, unbuttoning my jacket, removing my blouse and unzipping my skirt, down to my lavender bra and panties. I reached out my hand to his hand and pulled him to my small curved tummy. He then guided his own plump hands along my hips and thighs, then clasping them around my small waist. He stood up, a shirtless, tubby vision from heaven, and I led him into the bedroom.

I continued to kiss him while we stood by the bed, feeling his soft back and caressing his fleshy sides. I sat down on the bed and while he stood in front of me I grabbed his belt to slowly remove the strap from the loop so my hands could graze along the bottom of his hanging softness. I lightly yanked the belt from around his waist, and his middle shook once again. I went in for the button, my hand lifting his weight a bit to reach it, again moving slowly to just tickle the bottom of his belly. Unzipping his pants, I then pulled him on top of me.

Crushingly close.


© 2015 Ashblonde / Ashley B