The Big Tease
by Ashblonde

Esoterica was sweltering and jam-packed. The flashing lights and pumping music were become tiresome for Eric, who was more comfortable at his favorite sports bar than a trendy night club. He found himself squeezing through one tight crowd after another just to get from the bar to his group of friends. Just when he thought, "that's it, I'm leaving," a young woman caught his eyes. A beautiful petite golden blonde about to slip past him. He decided she looked a little like Charlize Theron, one of his favorite actresses.

Eric became nervous. She was heading right for him and he knew he was beyond the ability to suck in his growing belly, but he tried anyway. Before he knew it, her hand landed on his chubby middle. As she walked past him, she ran her fingertip across his wide body. She looked up at him, smiled and whispered, "Hi."

Eric was shocked. Before graduating from college he never had a problem attracting women. He knew he was a decent looking guy. Even in college when he started to put on a little weight, he still had some girls calling him and asking him out. But a couple of years of working in the real world left little time for work outs and his appetite seemed to increase as he eased into his mid-20s.

He last weighed himself a couple of months ago at a friend's house on a digital scale. The number read 258. At 5'11" he knew he was carrying quite a bit of blubber on his frame. His softness was becoming obvious from head to toe and he could no longer hide it like he used to. His face was more round with a double chin forming; the muscle definition in his arms was increasingly smoothed over by a thick layer of soft fat; his chest revealed fatty mounds where he once had hard pectorals. It was most obvious in his belly, though, with the roundness protruding, gravity slightly pulling it down and serious love handles thickening his breadth.

Secretly, Eric had moments of enjoying his bigger size. He liked looking dominating; and he enjoyed feeling himself jiggle as he walked. But he also felt his romantic chances were drying up with every extra pound. Almost every week he promised himself he would eat less and exercise more but it never seemed to happen.

His eyes lost the sexy blonde in the crowd. What was that about anyway? It would have been one thing for her to have inadvertently touched his belly while trying to get though the throng of bodies in the club. But her precise scaling of his roundness with a single finger didn't make any sense. He was embarrassed. Was she making fun of him for being so fat?

And if she were, why did that turn him on so much? He found himself looking everywhere for this girl. He needed to see her again, imagining her pressing her little hand into his flabby gut. Finally he saw her across the room. For a second he caught her eye and she smiled at him again. Then she leaned over to her friend, another pretty club girl, and whispered something. The friend looked in Eric's direction and they shared a laugh.

Eric was sure they were making fun of his fatness, and while somewhat ashamed, he felt a strange sense of excitement that these two girls were sharing a joke about him, and probably his fat body. He mindlessly stroked his hand across his round middle thinking about her fingertip stoke. He looked back and the girls were gone. Another moment later the golden blonde girl who stroked his belly was right next to him, giggling again.

"It's all still there," she laughed.


"You looked like you were checking to make sure your belly was still there and I hadn't magically made it disappear with the touch of my finger," she laughed, poking his belly.

Eric was speechless. All he could do was look at her. He noticed her eyes were a dark green or blue, maybe aqua colored. She had sparkling makeup on her eyelids and her creamy skin was flawless.

"I'm sorry… did I offend you? I… I just thought you were so cute trying to suck in your gut through that crowd," she smiled.

He turned red, partially from excitement and partially from embarrassment. "Um well, thanks, I guess?"

"You're welcome," she smiled. "My name is Laura," and she reach out her hand to his.

Eric shook it, but in bewilderment, "I'm Eric."

"Nice to meet you, Eric." She continued to smile. "You've got quite a fine body there. Have these been some recent additions?" She patted one of his round love handles.

Again, Eric was speechless. Here was this sexy girl giving him compliments yet openly mocking his fat body at the same time.

"I'm really sorry to be so forward, maybe you're uncomfortable with… well, I've said too much," she dug into her purse. "Here's my card, my cell number is on it. Call me if you ever feel like talking about…um," she paused, looked at his vulnerable tummy, "um, whatever, I guess." And with that she disappeared.

Eric, still dumbfounded, rejoined his friends. "Dude, did you let that hot chick get away?" asked his college buddy Joe.

"Well, she gave me her card," he shrugged his shoulders.

"Whoa," his other college buddy Tom bellowed. “Did you tell her you own a Porsche or something?" he laughed, slapping Eric square in the middle.

Eric just stayed quiet, still trying to figure out what exactly just happened to him. He was too embarrassed to tell his friends her exact words.


The next day, Eric could think of nothing more than Laura and the things she said to him. Replaying over and over in his head, "you've got quite a fine body… you were so cute trying to suck in your gut through that crowd…" running her hands on his middle. He desperately wanted to see her again, but he didn't want to seem eager and call her too soon; maybe a few days he figured.

Another day went by and Eric could no longer resist calling Laura. His thoughts of her words and actions turned into fantasies of how she might caress his belly or make comments about it. That evening, with big butterflies in his stomach, he called her.

"Hi, is this Laura?"


"This is Eric, I met you the other night… at Esoterica."

"Hi Eric!" she exclaimed, "How could I forget you?"

"I wasn't sure if you would," he countered.

"A big cutie like you?" she teased, "How could I? So what's up, are you busy tomorrow night? I just had some plans cancel and I'd love to have dinner with you."

"Sure, okay, where do you want to meet?"

"Well, I bet you like a nice big meal, so do you know where Cecilia's is? They make huge meals there," she giggled.

Once again Eric was both embarrassed and intrigued by her references to his size. "Sure, how about 6:30."

"Great, I'll see you then."


Eric went from work straight to Cecilia's in his standard shirt and tie from his engineering sales job. He chose the only sport coat left in his closet that fit his bigger frame, and even that was starting to get a little snug when he buttoned it around his belly. He knew he needed to buy more clothes for his expanding body, but he was hoping he would lose some of the extra weight before that was necessary.

He got there a little early and stood nervously near the doorway, watching for a beautiful blonde. At 6:40 he saw her walking quickly toward the door. She was wearing a pale blue suit that hugged her curves. Her skirt ended just above her knees, showing off her short yet shapely legs. He felt his stomach turning in knots as she walked in and gave him a big smile.

"Hi Eric! I'm sorry I'm a few minutes late," she held out her arms to hug him, pressing him close to her for more than a second. Her curves felt wonderful against him. "You didn't have to dress up for me!" she laughed. Still grasping his hands, she stepped backwards and appraised his physique. She spent another extra couple of seconds taking in his belly with hungry eyes.

"Oh well, I'm just wearing my monkey suit for work," he laughed, trying to suck in his gut again. "You look pretty professional yourself," he told her, admiring her petite hourglass figure.

"Same here, another long work day. So, I made a reservation so you don't have to wait anymore to eat. You must be starving!" she exclaimed.

"I am kind of hungry," he admitted. "I skipped lunch, so…" pressing the truth. He silently remembered the chips, peanuts and king sized snickers bar from the vending machine.

"Skipping lunch? That's silly, Eric, you should never do that," she squeezed his arm and walked up to the host.

"I have a reservation for two, under Laura?"

They sat down and started to look at the menu. He looked up and caught her looking at him. "What's your favorite part of going out to eat?" she quizzed him. "Deliberating over the yummy menu choices? Or just when the server is bringing the food to you? Or after you've finished everything on your plate and you feel full and happy?"

Eric thought about it. "I guess I like all of it," he admitted with a smile. "I don't know if I can pick just one favorite thing."

"That's the spirit," Laura laughed. "Enjoy it all! So what are you thinking of ordering?"

"I'm kind of torn, between the beef special and the stuffed shrimp," Eric answered.

Just then the waiter came to the table. "I guess I'll try the Beef Picatta," Eric ordered. Laura shrewdly decided on the stuffed shrimp. And she also ordered a couple of appetizers.

"You must be hungry too," Eric noticed.

"Well, kind of, but whatever I can't finish, you can," she winked at him. "So, I'm really glad you called. It was kind of hard to talk in that club."

"Yeah, I wasn't sure if I could hear everything you said to me," Eric thought out loud, maybe he was just imagining her comments about his size.

"You did seem a little nervous with what I was saying to you," she responded.

"What do you mean?" Eric coyly asked back.

"I was complimenting you, but I don't think you took it that way." Just then the waiter brought out their lobster bruschetta and baked herb brie appetizers.

Eric felt Laura watch him eat, but she wasn't eating much herself. "Have some more," Eric offered the plates in her direction.

"I'm doing fine here, but it's so much more fun to see you eating," she smiled.

"Why is that?" he asked.

"Because you really seem like you take pleasure in food," she blurted.

"Well, I do have a big appetite, I always have," he blushed, feeling a little excited by her playful teasing.

"Have you always been a big guy too?"

Eric turned red. "You're very direct," he said.

"I know," she blushed, "but I have to be direct. I don't want to have to step lightly around things. I mean it's obvious to both of us that you're not a skinny little wimp, why is that such a bad thing?"

"You know, most people don't come out and say, "Geez you're fat," Eric said.

"Well, I'm not most people, and I never used those exact words, but I will if you want me too," she offered with a wink. "But I told you the other night exactly what I thought of your fine shape," Laura then blushed. "Why should you be ashamed?"

Eric, still slightly uncomfortable but somewhat heartened by her encouragement finished off the appetizers. After a few moments of silence the waiter brought out their dinners. The portions were very big, just as Laura had mentioned. While Eric ate, Laura watched him lift forkfuls of his dinner into his mouth. "I was always athletic when I was younger. I didn't start to gain weight until college, but it's been since graduation that things have gotten a little out of hand. I just don't seem to burn off calories like I used to."

"Well, that's what makes you my kind of guy," Laura winked at him. "Here, have some of my shrimp, I know you want to try it," she put a huge shrimp and some pasta on a little plate for him.

"No, that's your dinner," Eric protested.

"Oh I'll never finish all of this and shrimp is no good the next day. Go ahead, eat, enjoy," she smiled. They chatted as they ate, talking about their jobs. Eric was surprised to learn that Laura worked as a technology trainer for a client of his, so they had some common acquaintances. She talked while he ate, finishing everything on his plate and all of Laura's as well. Laura then ordered dessert, a strawberry shortcake sundae. "I need to just get a little sweet taste, you can share it with me," she offered.

"I don't know, I'm pretty full," Eric tried to protest again, rubbing his belly under the table.

"Oh come on, you can't let me look like a pig, you have to have some," Laura protested in return. And he did have some, almost all of it. Eric felt very full with his shirt buttons strained and his belt buckle wedging into his plump tummy.

"Well, I hate to bring things to a close tonight, but I have to catch an early flight tomorrow morning for some training classes I have to teach in Dallas. Can I call you when I get back in a few days?"

"Yes, of course," Eric smiled, giving Laura his home number. "Can I walk you to your car?"

"I was hoping you would. I need a big strong man to protect me; especially in the city at night." Her eyes were on his body as he stood up and once again he felt the heat of her visual attention. As they walked to her car she put her hand on his back and ran her hand down his side.

They stopped at her car and she turned to face him. She put her hand on his tummy and started to rub it. "You look pretty full after all that good food, you probably need a nice tummy rub," she smiled, her hand running in circular motion around his front, paying extra attention to the slightly drooping part of his belly.

"That does feel nice," Eric admitted. He could not believe this gorgeous girl standing in front of him would boldly start to caress his belly after a big meal.

"It should, you've got plenty to rub, don't you?" she whispered.

Eric was very turned on by her teasing words and playful touch. Her gaze told him it was okay to kiss her so he leaned in to her delicate mouth and softly kissed her. She kissed back, and lightly dug her fingers into his soft sides.

"You are so delicious Eric, every last inch of you," she smiled and got into her car, waving goodbye.


A few days passed with no word from Laura. Eric knew she was out of town so he didn't worry too much, but he was beginning to feel anxious for her attention. Finally she called on a Friday late afternoon.

"Are you up for a dinner at my place tonight?" she offered. "I'm so sick of eating restaurant food."

Eric happily agreed and she gave him directions to her apartment.

He arrived, wearing a new button-down shirt. He bought several new pairs of pants and shirts that week, acknowledging that his weight wasn't going down anytime soon. Laura hugged him firmly, "I just love a cute chubby guy in nice clothes!"

A cute chubby guy, Eric thought. He was still in awe at how honest Laura was about noticing his size. And while he still didn't quite view his new flab as attractive, he was beginning to accept that he truly enjoyed that Laura pointed it out to him. She was just so sexy about it. It wasn't just the words but the way she said them; so honest and direct, yet so approving and pleased.

Laura poured him a glass of wine and handed him a plate with some Havarti cheese, poppy crackers and summer fruits on it. Eric munched while Laura cooked. "You really know what you're doing in the kitchen, don't you," Eric noticed.

"Well, I have always loved cooking for people. If I didn't have such a great job as a trainer I would love to be a chef or own a restaurant," she smiled. "Maybe someday…"

Laura served Eric a salad before dinner was ready. "Now, I'm very into nutrition. I really believe that you have to make sure you get all your vitamins every day. It really makes a difference in how you feel. So, you have to humor me and eat a salad before you get your dinner," waving him to the dining room table.

While Eric sat down to his salad, Laura refilled his wine glass and sat down to her own salad. They chatted about her recent trip to Dallas, then talking about travel in general. The oven buzzer went off and Laura jumped up to serve Eric his dinner. She came out with huge piece of lasagna and garlic bread, and a bowl of butter-baked veggies for him. She grabbed herself a plate and sat down with Eric.

He felt her watching him taste her cooking. "Oh Laura, this is the best Lasagna I have ever tasted," Eric effused with a smile on his face.

"I know lasagna's not a special dish or anything, but I do have a good recipe, and it usually pleases the pickiest eaters. Then again, you don't seem too picky about what you eat, now do you?" she laughed.

"No, I guess I'll eat just about anything, but I do appreciate it more when it tastes amazing," he smiled. "And it does!"

After Eric devoured his plateful of food, he requested a second helping which seemed to make Laura very happy. Finally, he was feeling quite full, but had a hunch Laura still had dessert for him. And of course, she did.

"How about some homemade ice cream?" she pulled a container out of the freezer to show him.

"Oh, maybe I need to wait a few minutes before I'm ready for that," Eric sighed, lightly patting his belly.

"Okay, I'll set it out right now so it can soften up," and with the words "soften-up" she also patted Eric's full tummy. "Have a seat in the living room. I'll join you in just a second… I made some coffee, would you like some? Cream and sugar?" she offered.

"Yes, both, please."

They sipped coffee for a bit and carried on more conversation.

"So Eric, you seem to be more comfortable with me tonight than when we first met," Laura said. "Do you like it when I make comments about your body? When I encourage you to eat more? Or are you just going along with things to be a nice guy."

Eric took a deep breath and smiled. He wasn't sure how to answer her, but he gave it a shot. "Well, I guess I was pretty shocked that a complete stranger would tease me for having gotten so fat. But then you seemed so sincere and sweet. And I have to admit, I kind of like it when you say things about it. I'm not sure why, I don't like looking fatter but you seem to make it alright."

Laura inched closer to him, "Because it is alright, it's better than alright," she ran her hand down his arm. "Does it turn you on when I touch your body?"

Eric blushed again, "Um, yeah, it definitely does."

"Mmmmm, that's what I like to hear," she purred.

"Do you really prefer bigger guys? I mean do you date only fat guys?"

"Yeah," she wistfully looked away for a moment, and then looked back into his eyes. "I've always been attracted to the thicker boys with handsome faces. My first crush was on the fattest boy at my grade school. And he was really fat!" she laughed and continued. "Anyway, my friend Alison saw you and pointed you out to me. I just knew I had to meet you so I walked past you. I almost didn't have the nerve to go back up to you but Alison convinced me I needed to. She said you would never have approached me."

"You're right," Eric admitted. "Maybe a few years ago I would have, but now I figure a hot woman like you would never give me the time of day. And I never would have figured you would TELL me you liked my weight," he nervously laughed.

"I made that mistake once before, not being honest about what I like," Laura admitted "My first serious boyfriend assumed I wanted a thinner him, and I never had the courage to tell him how much I appreciated his big body. He was even bigger than you. He became very depressed about his weight and not ever communicating with each other, we grew apart," she frowned. But then just smiled for a moment at Eric. "So, how about I get that ice cream? It's probably plenty soft by now," once again, pawing his tummy with the "plenty soft" words.

She re-entered the room a minute later with one big bowl and a spoon. "You aren't having any?" Eric asked.

"Well, maybe a little, but this is all for you, as much as you want" she said, not yet handing him the bowl. "I think you might need some help eating this. It's kind of soft and melting, you might make a mess," she sat down close to him.

"Um okay, what did you have in mind?" Eric was curious.

Laura dipped into the bowl and raised a dripping spoon to his mouth and Eric opened up to taste it. It was very rich and creamy. He became more turned on by her helping him eat it.

"Do you like that Eric?"

"Oh yeah, Laura, it's wonderful."

"Would you like more?" she whispered.

"Mmmm, please," he nodded.

"Okay, open up," she continued to feed him more, and started to softly caress his belly in between bites. A small drip landed on his chin. "You know, we might mess your shirt, why don't we take it off?"

Eric reddened while Laura slowly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a plain white T-shirt underneath. She slipped her hand inside the shirt and around his love-handles to untuck it. The T-shirt was very tight around him and really exposed his blubbery shape. She traced her finger around the indentation where his belly button showed through and whispered in his ear, "Eric, you have such a sexy belly. You've gotten so tubby and round, haven't you?"

Eric turned red but enjoyed her words, "yes, I have, haven't I?"

"Yes you have," Laura whispered.

After several more spoonfuls, Eric started to feel more full. "I'm not sure if I can eat much more," he sighed.

"Yes you can, just a few more spoonfuls left for you," she murmured. "I'll bet I can help you finish it."

"How would you do that?" Eric asked.

Laura climbed up on him, facing him and straddling his lap. "How is this? Am I too heavy for you?"

"It's fine," Eric smiled, growing harder, "you're barely a feather on me."

She poked his tummy, "I'll bet you'd be more than a feather on me," she giggled, spooning more ice cream into his mouth. The last few bites dripped onto his T-shirt.

"How about you take that sticky shirt off before it gets all over my couch," Laura suggested.

"Okay," Eric reluctantly agreed. Laura helped him loosen his shirt and slowly raise it over his head. As he did she put her fingers on his side and traced along his girth to his other side, then patting underneath his belly to make it jiggle a bit. "So sexy," she whispered.

They kissed passionately as she massaged his fat side rolls and soft behind. "I would love to take you into my bedroom, but I think we might wait a bit longer for that," Laura whispered.


And Eric waited… but not for long.

A week and two dates later Laura could seemingly no longer resist his sexy fat and sweet charms. She had cooked another big dinner for him with an another sexy dessert eating session. After the meal they started to kiss again. She pulled him close to her and coaxed him to move on top of her.

Eric hesitated, "I might hurt you."

"No you wont, you can't possibly weigh that much," she teased.

"I might," he said.

"Well, why don't you let me judge that," she whispered, "how much do you weigh?"

Eric paused, remembering his last weigh-in a few months earlier in the upper 250s. He knew he had put on more weight since then and he figured he could be hovering somewhere in the 260s. "I'm not really sure, I haven't weighed myself in a while," he stretched the truth.

"Well, I have a scale, let's take a look," she stood up and reached for his hand.

"Uh, I don't know Laura, I'm kind of embarrassed." Eric sheepishly smiled.

"Why? You let me tease and poke you, and you know how sexy I think you are. Besides, the scale is on the way to bedroom," she winked.

Eric stood up and followed Laura into her bathroom. She pulled a scale out from her closet and placed it on the floor in front of him. "Come on Sweetie, let's see just how big you really are."

Eric started to step up on it. Laura stopped him. "Wait! Do you mind if I guess? I want to guess," she asked.

She looked up at him, ran her finger slowly under his double chin, down his soft arms, squeezing them to gauge his softness. Then her hands roamed his chest and down to his belly, her hands slightly lifting it to feel the weight. "Very nice," she murmured. Then she slid her hands to his sides to clutching his big love handles. "You sure are soft. But you do have some good muscle underneath all that softness." Her investigation continued down his legs as she knelt down in front of him, looking up into his eyes and squeezing his thighs and behind. "You have nice big legs too, from supporting all that weight," gently patting his tummy again. She stood up, "I'll bet you're maybe 260?" she guessed.

Eric stepped on the scale and the scale spoke in it's robotic voice, "two-hundred seventy-two."

Laura's eyes got big and her smile widened. Eric thought she looked just like a little girl who was just told she was getting a new pony. "My goodness!" she laughed. "You really are a big boy!" She kissed him hard, "mmmm, Eric," she whispered in his ear, "You have no idea how much I want you right now."

"Yes I do," Eric whispered back, lifting Laura up and carrying her to bed.


© 2015 Ashblonde / Ashley B