The Night Carly Met Shane
by Ashblonde

Carly sat talking to last year's dorm mates on an ugly, pea-green, pleather-like sofa, avoiding eye contact with Greg, an over-privileged bore who was trailing her like a hound. She wasn't interested in him in the slightest, but couldn't seem to get the message across.

She arrived to the party early to help Joel clean up the house and tap the keg. Carly and Joel were best friends from high school, having bonded over a mutually shared secret: that they each had an interest in the fatter members of the opposite sex.

Initially they became friends because each was dating the others' best friend. Both relationships ended around the same time, so they naturally commiserated over the ordeal. Yet neither ever felt romantic feelings for the other. They each knew why, but never discussed it.

Then, one afternoon during their senior year of high school, while trying to uninstall some spyware that was confounding Joel's web browser, Carly found his mess of web cookies littered with fat girl sites. Ashamed yet excited about her discovery, she spent three more months hinting at her own feelings for fat guys, trying to pry out his secret.

Finally, one night while at a teen dance club, she saw an adorable fat boy she wanted to meet. "Joel, I'm going to go ask that big, cute guy over there to dance. There's about three or four fat girls here I've seen you eyeing, why don't you ask one of them to dance too?"

Joel was shocked, but did as Carly asked. Neither one of them had ever actually felt a fat body pressed against theirs before that night. "How did you know?" Joel sheepishly asked Carly as they left the club.

"I saw the evidence on your PC," she admitted.

He looked horrified, but before he could get angrier, she interjected, "Joel, I have the same feelings too. Don't feel ashamed about it. I really wanted to say something, so many times," she laughed.

They spent that evening pouring their guts out about their feelings, the useless shame they felt before, their relief and new anticipation for future romantic prospects. This revelation drew them closer together, as they each began to feel more comfortable with their preferences, knowing they weren't alone.

Both decided to attend the same mid-sized private university about 100 miles from their hometown, each hoping to break free of the closed-minded "beautiful people" circle of friends they shared. Everyone just assumed that Carly and Joel were a romantic item, but they both knew romance wasn't going to happen between two lean, athletic FAs.

Getting up to stretch her lithe legs and get a refill on her Miller Lite, Greg stopped her in the kitchen, "Hey Carly, what's up?"

"Uh, I need to find Joel," she hurried away. Greg was such a pain.

Carly caught Joel alone in the hallway, "You look scorching tonight," Joel teased her. She was wearing a form-fitting, stretchy pink top and a light and airy matching pink floral print skirt that showed off her buff legs. Carly was often the pretty one in the crowd, a golden blonde with striking Scandinavian features. But Joel only appreciated her beauty in a detached, aesthetic way, certainly not sexually, as Carly was far too thin for Joel's tastes.

"Is anyone coming tonight besides your endless supply of skinny jock-boy friends? I bring around my chubby girlfriends for you," she whispered with sarcasm and a giggle.

Joel laughed, "Come on Carly, I'm equal opportunity, you know. I think you'll be happy before the end of the night."

"What does that mean?" she questioned more loudly.

"You'll just have to wait and see," he retorted and walked away.

Another hour of boredom and several inquisitive glares later, Joel called out to Carly, "Hey Chas, look alive!" Joel often called Carly "Chas," her nickname from high school.

"Huh?" she looked back at him, his eyes motioning toward the door. Walking in was a group of boys, first a tall lanky guy, then a medium height average sized guy, and then, finally a tall and very fat guy. Carly shot her big eyes back at Joel and he gave her a knowing smile. She turned her eyes back to this big boy.

She had seen him before, twice actually. The first time she caught the back of him walking out of class, so she walked up quickly from behind to get a side view. She remembered she only got a profile view of his face, but his body was unforgettable in a too-tight T-shirt semi-cloaked by a button down flannel. She caught just a glimpse of his undulating belly as he walked several feet away from her. She thought about him for weeks after that, hoping to see him again.

The second time she saw him, she got a better look. She was at a small grocery store near campus and she spotted him looking in the deli area. His face was striking, she thought, rugged but still innocent, with beautiful soft skin, almond shaped eyes and a hint of a goatee-style beard, which barely covered his double chin. His hair was dark brown, and he was tanned, like he had been somewhere warm during spring break the week before. She fantasized about whether he had taken off his shirt at the beach so all the girls could see his big, round body.

And now, there he was just a few feet away. She finally had the chance to talk to him. She sprinted across the room to Joel in an instant, "Who is he?" she whispered loudly.

"I don't know him, but I usually see him with Rick, the tall guy, so I figured if I invited Rick, he might come with him," Joel reasoned with satisfaction of a job well done. "So I take it he's your type?"

"Is he ever..." Carly sighed, eyeing up his cute round face.

"Not too fat for ya?" He asked, half smiling.

"No way, just right!" she giggled. He was just right for her. His belly was obviously very full, but it's shape slightly hidden by the un-tucked button down shirt he was wearing.

"Damn girl, you do like 'em big," he whispered with a laugh.

"Oh, like you only like plump girls Joel," she retorted with a wink. She knew Joel liked very big girls too, but tended to date the 'just under 200' chubby women. She smacked his arm, "Now introduce me, would ya?"

Joel and Carly walked over to where Rick and his friends we standing, "Hey Rick, what's up?"

"Not much man," Rick responded. Joel looked at Rick's friends and introduced them, "this is Dan," pointing to the shorter friend, "and Shane," pointing to Carly's large prey.

Joel quickly jumped in, "this is Carly, my best friend from high school," clarifying their non-relationship friendship.

"Hi," she smiled shyly, glancing at Shane. Rick engaged Carly in light conversation, but her eyes kept darting in Shane's direction. A few of Greg's friends came over to talk to Dan, and then Joel grabbed Rick away to show him his new subwoofer, leaving Carly alone in conversation with Shane.

He seemed uncomfortable at first, but Carly tried to pull him out of his quiet mode, "come on Shane, let's go get something to drink," she smiled and he followed her. Waiting at the beer tap, Greg tried to talk to Carly again, but she just smiled and tried to make small talk with Shane. While he was leaned over to grab the tap, Carly noticed his shirt creased and highlighted his soft, round belly, spilling over his pants. Her legs felt hot.

After pouring, he looked back at her hesitantly. She grabbed his chubby arm and told him, "This room is too crowded, you wanna go back into the living room?"

He smiled with relief and shrugged his shoulders, "Sure."

Her hand gently fell from his arm, and briefly grazing a love handle. They stood in a corner talking for a few more minutes, Carly quizzing him about school. He told her he was a junior, majoring in sociology. He told her he transferred last fall from a smaller state school, and he was interested in law school after graduation. She studied his cute face as he talked, his extra weight giving him a bit of a jowl, his voice soft and clear. Just when she lost the reality of anything but the sound of his rich voice and his charming features, Greg walked up again.

"Carly, you need to get a beer with me?" Greg pointed at her half-empty glass.

"Um, no, I'm good, thanks," she gave him a half-hearted smile.

He stood there for a moment, when she realized she need to use the bathroom and Greg's presence made her want to retreat anyway. "Shane, I have to use the ladies room, I'll be back in a few minutes."

She escaped to the bathroom, but when she came out, Greg was standing right there, waiting for her. "Do you want me to rescue you from that tub Joel stuck you with?"

"Excuse me? He has a name, you know… I'm enjoying Shane's company." Carly was more than annoyed.

"Sorry, Carly, I just thought you'd want a change of scenery," he responded.

"I like the scenery over there just fine," she turned around and walked back toward Shane.

Shane was still standing where Carly had left him, looking bored. Carly came back and touched his arm again, "Hey, smile." She beamed at him.

He half-smiled back but didn't say anything. Carly was puzzled, he had seemed to be starting to open up to her before Greg interrupted their wise cracking fun discussion about college life at their school. Suddenly he was quiet again. "Are you bored here or something?" she asked, not knowing what else to say.

"Uh, no, but I think I should leave," he murmured.

"It is getting a little crowded and annoying here, you wanna go for a walk or something?"

"I think you should just work out your situation with Greg without me," he responded coldly.

"What? What situation?" She was confused.

Shane responded, more coldly, "He told me that you were trying to play hard to get with him by talking to me."

"That's insane, I cannot stand that guy," Carly protested, "He’s such a jerk."

"Okay, but whatever, I don't want to get in between this game between you and Greg," Shane smirked.

"I don't know what Greg said or implied, but there's no game, other than I've probably been too polite to him. I figured he'd get the hint, but I'm not interested in him, and I never have been."

"Fine, sorry, I thought you and Joel were a couple anyway," he threw back at her.

"What makes you think that?" she was more confused.

"I've seen you together around campus," he confessed. She liked that he noticed her.

Just then Joel walked by, and Carly grabbed him, "Joel, have you and I ever had a single romantic moment together?"

Joel laughed, "No," rolling his eyes.

"And can you tell Shane what I think of Greg?"

"She thinks he's a moron. And he's not her type anyway," Joel winked at Carly and walked away.

"See?" she triumphantly smiled at Shane.

"Okay, I guess I got it wrong," he half-smiled again.

"So, you noticed me before?" Carly was excited again.

"Well, yeah, you're hard to miss," he blushed.

Carly was beside herself, "Listen, Shane, this party is getting annoying, you wanna go for a walk or something?"

"Um... sure," Shane seemed almost startled by her request.

They walked out the door together, and took several steps without a word. Then Carly spoke, "Shane, I noticed you around campus a few times too."

Shane paused, then he joked, "I suppose it's hard to miss me."

"Well, yeah, handsome guys are hard to miss," she teased.

"Very funny, you know you shouldn't play with a fat guy's heart like this," he responded, half joking, half serious.

"I would never do that, Shane," she spoke seriously and moved closer to him, with less than a few inches separating her buxom chest from his substantial belly. "Does your size bother you?" She needed to know how challenging his body image was going to be.

He shrugged his shoulders, "not all the time, but my life would be easier if I weren't fat."

"I think you look wonderful," her tipsiness let it slip out, "what could be easier than that?"

He didn't say anything, but blushed with a half-smile. Carly touched his arm, and looked at him for a few more seconds. She felt a magnet pull her to his big body, got on her toes, touched his soft tan cheek with her fingers and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

"So, did you want to come back to my place for a beer?" She asked, hoping she didn't leave her apartment in a total shambles.

"Okay," he agreed with a big grin, "but I promise to be a perfect gentleman."

"Don't be too perfect," she responded with a wink.

They walked the four blocks to her apartment slowly, chatting more about their mutual friends, his spring break vacation at South Padre, and her dislike of her journalism professor. She enjoyed his company and liked the feeling of walking with him. His size made her feel warm and sexy.

As they walked up the steps to her second floor apartment, she could feel the heat of him watching her from behind, feeling his attraction to her. When they got to her door, she cautioned him, "It might be a mess, I was in a rush to help Joel with the party and left everything everywhere."

"I don't mind," he laughed.

She quickly grabbed up a few clothing items she left lying around and ran them into the bedroom, throwing stuff into the closet. She stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers.

"Hope this is good," she handed him the beer.

He twisted the top off and took a gulp, "this hits the spot." She watched him drink, and the satisfaction on his face. Her eyes drifted down to his belly, noticing that his size was better highlighted in the seated position.

She took a long sip of beer and realized she still had a pretty good buzz from the party, which only loosened her inhibitions more.

She plopped down beside him, which made his belly jiggle a bit, much to her delight. "Shane, I think you're very cute," she played with a button about half way down his shirt, admiring the curve of his middle, as it rose upward and downward, feeling his softness at her fingertips.

Then she looked up into his eyes. They were so warm, welcoming, dark and lovely like his hair. She touched his cheek and reached up to kiss him on the lips. He was so warm and soft, and he smelled good, with a hint of masculine, spicy cologne.

While she kissed him, her hands moved down his sides and around his love handles. He had distinct and sexy creases where his fat bulged above his pants. She moved her hands under his shirt, slipped her fingers into his folds of fat and whispered, "You have a damn fine body, Shane."

He smiled, and rubbed his hand along her trim waist, "I should be telling you that," he whispered back.

She got up, grabbed his hand and helped him up, "Come on," she smiled, motioning toward her bedroom.

Shane followed Carly into her bedroom. She turned the light on with the dimmer just so there was a hint of light. She lightly pushed him down to a seated position on her bed. Then, her favorite part, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, anxious to see the sexy treasure it had been persistently covering all night long. Each button revealed more pounds, and once undone, his belly was there, hanging out for her to drink in, in the lovely dimly lit room.

"God, he's so round and soft," she thought to herself, licking her lips and pushing him down on the bed. His tummy was smooth and perfect, very round, very wide and very blubbery. She climbed over his body like a cat, allowing her body to brush against his flab, "I cannot resist you," she whispered in his ear.

He sat up, lifted her up like she was a feather and set her on his lap. She loved it. "What about your top?" He tugged at her shirt.

She stood up, grabbed his hand, "Can you help me?" she demurely asked.

Carly pulled up her shirt, and Shane helped it over her head, revealing to him her pink lace bra. "Is that better?" she asked.

"Ahh, yeah, that's very nice," he agreed, his eyes like saucers.

She sat back down on his lap, and asked him, "Now, if I take off my bra, what do I get?" She asked.

"What do you want?" He asked back.

She pushed one finger gently along the breadth of his belly and raised an eyebrow with a slight smile as if to say, "Can I continue?"

He tugged on her bra as if to say, "if you keep your end of the bargain." She took her bra off and let him explore, with his hands and his mouth, her full, buoyant breasts.

"Okay, my turn," she giggled, and her hands roamed his belly, she massaged his softness, her fingers finding his side rolls and pressing deeply into them. She lifted his belly a bit feeling the weight, and asked him, "how did you get so sexy, Shane?"

"A lot of pizzas?" he asked with a laugh?

She laughed, "So, that's your secret."

She pushed him down on the bed, and lifted her skirt to show him the matching pink panties.

"Is that your secret?" he smiled.

Carly crawled around behind him on the bed, and laid backwards. With her finger motioning him over to her, she spread her legs open a little bit and commanded him with a knowing smile, "come here, big boy."

He moved his body over her, and kissed her hard. He let his weight fall a little and his belly hovered over toned abs, brushing softly against her. She reached under it to unbutton his pants, watching him jiggle as she worked around his paunch. He finished taking them off for her and relaxed on top of her while they kissed more. She loved the way his weight felt on her, both heavy and squishy.

He put his right hand down between her legs and helped her excitement along. Carly couldn't believe what the combination of his girth and his technique did for her. She was on the verge of ecstasy and there was no turning back now.

She turned him over and pulled off her skirt, only her panties left on. She straddled over him, and played with the waistband on his boxer briefs underneath his belly, "you first, or me first?"

"You have home field advantage," he joked, "you first."

Carly slipped off her panties, "okay, now you." She pulled off his underwear and slid back on top of him, letting him slip into her.

She enjoyed the movement of his belly as he gave her more pleasure than she had ever known before. She felt time shift a little while watching her fantasy come true, falling on top of him while her body still quivered from those very sexy moments they shared together. That night they slept together the first of many nights to come.


© 2015 Ashblonde / Ashley B